Our mission is simple. We want clay to be used in every classroom! "Every day is Clay Day!"®

Somehow over the past few decades, clay, one of the least expensive sculpting and art materials known to humans, has fallen out of favour. The Clay Teacher thinks that is a shame. Let us show you how you can use clay for art projects with people of all ages, after all clay is cheap as dirt, for some reason! We've got sample project ideas for all ages. We have video instruction to take you right from opening the clay bag to finishing the project. With experience gained in actual school classrooms in the Edmonton Alberta area for a number of years we have developed an easy to follow step by step method for non fired school clay projects for all.

  • Easy to follow instructions!
  • Anyone can do it!
  • Use school clay and allow to dry in the air.
  • Paint and seal.
  • No kiln required.
  • No field trips or extra fees.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Cheap like dirt!

Some Project Videos!

Watch these for full length instructions for some of our most popular projects, suitable for classroom use on your Smartboard, or browse the website for project examples to get you started. Finishing instructions are here.

Watch The Clay Teacher throw pottery on the wheel on YouTube logo by clicking here!